five business domains

Real Estate Investment and
Development Business

We will nurture cities with value using a grand design based on a long-term vision.

Providing Security, Comfort and Life to Cities by Developing Real Estate that is Best Suited to the Location

We invest in and develop a variety of properties that are essential for daily life, such as offices, commercial facilities, and logistics facilities, using designs that are optimized for their locations.
Going beyond the completed construction of the property, ORIX Real Estate's expertise in investment, development, and facility operation, as well as the ORIX Group's unique inventiveness, are used for urban development with value.

Business Details

Actual Cases

Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka

[Opened] April 2013
[Address] North side of JR Osaka Station

[Overview] Various urban functions are integrated such as hotels, offices, condominiums, shops, restaurants, and Umekita Plaza, a space for relaxation of approximately 10,000 m2, as well as the core facility Knowledge Capital.

[Environmental Considerations] As a "Low-CO2 Residence and Building Leadership Project" of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the plaza has been developed with thorough consideration for the environment by "adopting the low-CO2 technology with high performance" such as large-scale rooftop planting, zone greening, and photovoltaic generation, while "establishing a sustainable management system." Also, by employing the environment-conscious exterior and high-efficiency heat source facilities, it is ranked "S class in CASBEE-Osaka" environmental assessments.



[Opened] August 2020
[Address] Kanazawa Port Exit of JR Kanazawa Station

[Overview] It is composed of two hotels, Hyatt Centric Kanazawa and Hyatt House Kanazawa, a commercial area with a variety of stores, and the condominium The Residence Kanazawa.

[Coexistence with Regional Communities] With a concept of "premium foods and restaurants" that can entertain people in the area, as well as visitors to Kanazawa, the commercial area has a line-up of the confectionary shops, restaurants, and other food shops fusing things "From Kanazawa" and "Coming to Kanazawa for the First Time.” It includes stores of local-origin, stores launched in Kanazawa for the first time, and stores in new business lines.

Matsubushi Logistics Center

Matsubushi Logistics Center

[Opened] April 2019
[Address] Matsubushi-machi, Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama

[Overview] It can hold up to eight tenants. Located within approximately 30 km from central Tokyo and easily accessed through the Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway and National Route 16, it is in an area ideal for a logistics hub.

[Environmental Considerations] Emergency generators have been installed to support a business continuity plan (BCP) while adopting the environment-friendly power-saving LED lighting.

[Safety, Security, and Comfort] Based on the concept of "promoting health while working," the common areas include a café lounge that offers free Wi-Fi for refreshment during lunch breaks, an outdoor terrace with a sense of openness, and a fitness room.


Umekita 2nd Project

Umekita 2nd Project
Umekita 2nd Project

The Umekita Project is a large-scale mixed-use development being carried out on the site of the former freight yard in front of Osaka Station. Following the opening of Grand Front Osaka, the advanced development zone project, in 2013, the Umekita 2nd Project will include offices, hotels, core functions, commercial facilities, urban parks, and residences, and will work to create a city in Umekita that will provide an example to Osaka, to the entire Kansai region, and to the world.
With the aim of being used by a wide range of people in a variety of situations from daily life to business, the project will open its doors in an advance opening to the public in the summer of 2024.