Repairs and Value-Enhancing Construction Business

Description of Business

DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION has planned and executed large-scale repair and renovation work on more than 6,000 condominiums (as of March 31, 2023). Through this business, we are aiming to increase asset value.

Plusidea Condominium Renovation Brand

Plusidea Condominium Renovation Brand

Plusidea is a new type of condominium repair work that combines the perspective of a management company that looks after a building and its redidents, the technical capabilities of a general contractor, and the Group's strength with top-class industry track record. As experts on condominium repair work performed while residents are living in the building, we take full responsibility for all aspects of repair work from planning and proposal to construction and after-sales service.

Construction Results (examples)

Large-scale repair of a high-rise condominium

[Building name] Lions Mansion Costa Tower Urawa
[Address] Saitama City, Saitama
[Construction completion] February 2006

Earthquake-Resistance Renovation

[Address] Mitaka City, Tokyo
[Construction completion] Built in 1979

Conversion to Barrier-free Entrances

[Address] Koto-ku, Tokyo
[Construction completion] Built in 1985