Condominium Management Business

Description of Business

DAIKYO ASTAGE and ANABUKI COMMUNITY provide detailed and total support for management association operations, including disaster preparedness, by utilizing the condominium management contract results of over 540,000 units (as of the end of March, 2023). In addition, we will also develop new services to increase the added value of condominiums.

Managing the Largest Number of Condominiums on a National Scale

DAIKYO ASTAGE, which focuses on the three major metropolitan areas, and ANABUKI COMMUNITY, which covers major regional cities across the country, are entrusted with approximately 9,600 associations and over 540,000 units nationwide. In addition to developing new services based on customer feedback after moving in, we also provide services seamlessly, such as proposing remodeling, brokerage, and large-scale repair work through collaboration among our various business divisions.

Disaster Relief and Prevention Efforts

We offer a variety of suggestions for emergency preparedness for the condominiums they support based on their experience in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Seminars for Management Companies

We also help management associations build their own unique contingency systems by providing seminars and earthquake countermeasure support books.

Resident Services Business

We help create communities where customers can live comfortably through providing support for interaction among customers, interaction between customers and local residents, and services related to daily living.
We have introduced recycling and storage services to our customers up until now, and now from 2021, we have started 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) activities to consolidate and provide such information, reduce waste from condominiums, and raise environmental awareness.

Actual Cases

Launching Digital Transformation (DX) for New Management for the Next Generation

We have launched the “MiDD Project,” a development project for a next-generation condominium management service, to address the three aging issues surrounding condominiums (aging buildings, aging residents, and aging workforce).

WEB General Meeting

As the first step of the MiDD Project, a “WEB General Meeting” service was launched on a trial basis in July 2020 to enable management association general meetings to be viewed online.
We aim to create a new community within condominiums that considers hygiene in response to the trend of postponing general meetings due to the spread of infectious diseases.

Facial Recognition and One-Time Passcode Building-Entry Systems

We are examining the possibility of beginning operation of a building-entry system using a facial recognition system for the convenience of residents and one-time passcodes for condominium maintenance partner companies.
When partner companies enter work areas inside condominium premises—to clean communal spaces or to carry out facility inspections, for example—one-time passcodes issued to them through a smartphone app will ensure security while allowing efficient access management without managers having to be present.