Training facility operation business

Description of business

We operate specialized training facilities combining training, accommodation and dining facilities. As well as training rooms of various types and sizes, our facilities are complete with comfortable yet functional guest rooms, plus restaurants and free spaces for social interchange. We also offer total support, from reservations through to implementation, including the arrangement of conference coordinators to respond to the detailed training needs that change with the times.

Appropriately responding to ever-changing training needs

Main hall ( Cross Wave Fuchu)
Main hall ( Cross Wave Fuchu)

As work style reform and productivity improvement have become major themes for companies in recent years, so too preferred methods of training have also significantly changed. Companies that used to own their own facilities in the suburbs are now selling those facilities, and there is a growing need for places where their employees can congregate easily and efficiently. There has also been a shift in the mainstream training style, from the traditional “school” format, to a “group discussion” format for systematically training personnel while producing certain training outcomes. With its substantial facilities and equipment ready for a variety of training situations, Cross Wave is appropriately responding to the ever-changing training needs.

Full-time assignment of client-specific conference coordinators

Conference coordinator (image)
Conference coordinator (image)

An experienced conference coordinator will be assigned full time to each client to assist in the success of the training. Even if the liaison on the side of the client is reassigned, we will assist the handover and provide support to ensure the quality of training can be maintained.

Facilities with enhanced levels of functionality and comfort

Restaurant terrace (Cross Wave Fuchu)
Restaurant terrace (Cross Wave Fuchu)

We offer a functional and comfortable environment that combines training, accommodation and dining facilities.
In addition to large and small training rooms capable of accommodating a variety of layouts, we also provides guest rooms that feature the comfort of a hotel and the functionality of training facility. Buffet-style restaurants, a selection of social venues suitable for a range of situations, and free spaces set up in common areas also serve as places for greater social interchange.

Operated facilities

Seminar House
Cross Wave Fuchu

Seminar House Cross Wave Fuchu

【Address】 Fuchu City, Tokyo
Cross Wave Fuchu is located within Fuchu Intelligent Park, a district of advanced intelligent, integrated buildings. As one of the largest training facilities in Tokyo, its main hall has a capacity of 456, while the restaurants can also accommodate up to 400 diners.

Seminar House
Cross Wave Funabashi

Seminar House Cross Wave Funabashi

【Address】 Funabashi City, Chiba
Cross Wave Funabashi is conveniently located 9-minute walk from JR Funabashi Station and 7-minute walk from Keisei Funabashi Station on the Keisei Main Line. Single rooms come equipped with large desks, and after a hard day of training, guests can unwind in the large bath complete with sauna.

Seminar House
Cross Wave Makuhari

Seminar House Cross Wave Makuhari

【Address】 Chiba City, Chiba
Cross Wave is located in front of the station in the Makuhari Techno Garden. Approx. 40 minutes from Haneda Airport (by limousine bus) and Approx. 50 minutes from Narita Airport (by express bus), the facilities are ideal for corporate training and meetings with attendees from Japan and overseas.

Seminar House
Cross Wave Umeda

Seminar House Cross Wave Umeda

【Address】 Osaka City, Osaka
Cross Wave Umeda is our flagship facility in the Kansai region, and is a 15-minute walk from JR Osaka Station. In addition to conference rooms lined by a whiteboard covering two walls, the facility also features the Cross Room which seats up to 144 people.