Our History

The housing development business becomes a starting point

ORIX marked its full-scale entry into the real estate business in 1986 when it started a single dormitory lease business. Later, when the economic bubble burst, it gained much expertise in various real estate businesses through its involvement in the disposal and effective utilization of collateralized real estate. In 1993, it also entered the condominium business. ORIX Real Estate Corporation was established in March 1999 to fully promote its real estate business.

Business expansion and acquiring extensive expertise

Real estate development was expanded from condominiums to office buildings, commercial facilities, and logistics facilities.. In 2002, ORIX acquired the long-established Suginoi Hotel, which first opened in 1944, and began managing it directly in 2008. It marked its full-scale entry into the onsen hotel and hotel revitalization business. In 2002, ORIX JREIT was listed on the Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as the first diversified REIT in Japan, focusing on services for investors. It acquired results and extensive expertise in a wide range of businesses.

Business evolution and diversification

In 2013, ORIX Real Estate participated in the development of GRAND FRONT OSAKA, a complex facility organically combining diverse urban functions made possible by 12 private developers (at the time). It made the most of ORIX Real Estate’s housing and commercial development business expertise and worked with other developers to promote the project with the aim of creating a landmark in Osaka. ORIX Real Estate still takes a leading role in operating a core facility, Knowledge Capital, an intellectual entertainment space. It continues to take on challenges in a variety of businesses that maximize the synergy between investment/development and management capabilities by adding its expertise in the real estate business as new value.

Integrated operations with DAIKYO

As part of its business revitalization support, ORIX transformed DAIKYO, which it had capital participation in since 2005, into a wholly-owned subsidiary company in January 2019. From January 2020, ORIX Real Estate and DAIKYO began implementing a integrated management system as the real estate business division of the ORIX Group. Combining knowledge and expertise from across many areas, it is pursuing the creation of new value as a comprehensive real estate group.


DAIKYO was established in 1964 as DAIKYO KANKO. As improving residential lifestyles was positioned as an important foundation during the period of high economic growth in Japan, Lions Mansion Akasaka was released for sale as the first part of this housing series in 1968. The name Lions Mansion was based on the desire of wanting people to cultivate deep love for their family like lions, who love and protect their families. In 1969, the following year, DAIKYO KANRI (now DAIKYO ASTAGE) was established, starting its venture into the condominium management business.
Later, it started offering urban condominiums focusing on convenience as well as suburban permanent-type condominiums throughout Japan. In 1978, it was ranked no. 1 in Japan for the number of properties sold by a business operator. In 2013, the number of condominiums for which management was subcontracted to the company exceeded 500,000, which was a first for the industry.
DAIKYO aims to support its customers’ lifestyles and create residential lifestyle environments and cultures to be passed onto the next generation through supplying housing, which is the starting point for a rich total lifecycle as well as maintaining and managing buildings, and engaging in real estate distribution.