Building Construction and Equipment Installation Business

Description of Business

DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION and ORIX Facilities cover a wide range of services from design and construction to after-sales services for condominiums, tenant buildings, stores, rental apartments, and detached housing.

Description of DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION Construction Business

Building and Commercial Facility Repair

DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION promotes the repair of buildings and commercial facilities by using our expertise in performing construction while residents continue to live in the condominium building as well as our ability to communicate with customers. We perform construction with consideration of and in communication with the surroundings, such as by proposing construction plan management and temporary office/store set-up plans that reduce impact on workers and stores in the building, guidance plans for visitors, and coordination with each tenant.

Construction Contract Business

DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION offers a wide range of contracting businesses, from the new construction of condominiums and rental condominiums, to educational facilities, various commercial facilities, and medical facilities. This is done through our high level of technical skills that enable us to give shape to design concepts as well as our high level of communication skills that enable us to envision our future customers.

Description of ORIX Facilities Construction Business

Strength in Instrumentation Construction FA Systems and Energy- and Labor-Saving Construction

ORIX Facilities can respond to a wide range of construction projects, including construction related to real estate management, new construction, and the construction of solar power plants, due to its solid technical capabilities that are supported by a large number of qualified personnel. We also undertake factory automation-related construction. We provide subsidized energy- and labor-saving construction for buildings, commercial facilities, hospitals, universities, and accommodation facilities, and also support the procedures for applying for these subsidies.

< Real estate applicable to construction contracting >
Office buildings/commercial buildings/medical-related facilities/accommodation facilities/amusement facilities/educational facilities/welfare facilities/condominiums/shopping centers/sports facilities/factories/etc.

Construction Results (examples)

Serviced housing for the elderly

Serviced housing for the elderly

[Building name] Medical Home Granda Takamiya
[Address] Fukuoka City, Fukuoka

New construction condominium

New construction condominium

[Building name] Diana Court Komaba Suikei
[Address] Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Education-related facilities

Education-related facilities

[Building name] University of Fukui Matsuoka Campus (School of Medical Sciences, affiliated hospital)
[Address] Yoshida-gun, Fukui