Rental housing development business

Description of business

ORIX Real Estate is deploying the Belle Face urban rental housing series and LIONS FORSIA rental housing series developed by Daikyo.

Belle Face

The original Belle Face urban rental housing series brand has maintained a high occupancy rate by offering quality that is highly evaluated by occupants matching the characteristics of the property’s location.

Focusing on location selection

In addition to convenient access and distance from the nearest station, location selection also takes into account the surrounding environment, including convenient lifestyle facilities.

Creating living spaces offering both comfort and functionality

We offer living spaces with quality, comfort and detailed functionality of a level that would be acceptable to businesspeople who work in the city and employees posted away from their family.

Shared spaces that leverage location

An entrance wall that changes color depending on the time (Belle Face Nishigotanda)
An entrance wall that changes color depending on the time
(Belle Face Nishigotanda)

Convenient facilities for residents

Car sharing
Car sharing

Full range of shared areas

Café lounge (Belle Face Nishigotanda)
Café lounge
(Belle Face Nishigotanda)


The LIONS FORSIA series developed by Daikyo is a rental housing series that was carefully planned and designed leveraging the company’s experience in developing approx. 8,400 condominium buildings nationwide.

Focusing on design

Pioneering design features have been pursued for LIONS FORSIA, an urban rental condominium that responds to demand to return to urban living spaces by people who want to live close to work.

Creating condominiums in harmony with townscapes

Concepts are tailored for each individual property based on the history and culture of the area surrounding the building. Condominium buildings are created to become a landmark for the area while still being in harmony with the surrounding townscape.


LIONS FORSIA Kuramae (Taito-ku, Tokyo) was planned and proposed as a rental condominium building and small-scale authorized nursery school under the CRE Strategy Support Project enabling corporations to effectively leverage land that they own. Daikyo organized the project while Anabuki Construction oversaw the design and construction. Various functions have also been added in order to provide comfort and peace of mind to occupants. These include an indoor corridor offering privacy, anti-crime cameras in shared areas and delivery boxes.

Development results (examples)

Belle Face Nishigotanda

Belle Face Nishigotanda

【Address】 Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Eight-minute walk from Togoshiginza station on the Tokyu Ikegami line, this rental condominium has a very luxurious entrance, shared lounge and complete security features.
(Completed in January 2017, 15 floors above ground, 116 units in total)

Belle Face Monzen-Nakacho Ⅱ

Belle Face Monzen-Nakacho Ⅱ

【Address】 Koto-ku, Tokyo
Six-minute walk from Monzen-Nakacho station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai line. This rental condominium is a compact residence with a living room of approx. 8 tatami mats (approx. 13 m2) with large storage space, a re-heatable bath and mist sauna standardly equipped.
(Completed in August 2017, 9 floors above ground, 80 units in total)

LIONS FORSIA Nakano-sakaue

LIONS FORSIA Nakano-sakaue

【Address】 Nakano-ku, Tokyo
This rental condominium is a designer’s condominium building located a five-minute walk from Nakano-sakaue station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line that quietly stands in a tranquil residential street despite being close to a station.
(Completed in March 2008, 5 floors above ground/one floor below ground, 33 units in total)